The Target

The target – an important aspect of any quest room. Often it is a simple task like escaping from the room (search for yield), by searching for a key or solution to the riddle. But sometimes there are non-trivial task, which only added charm to the room. Without a definite purpose room turns into the usual role-playing game with a pre-selected scene.

Obstacles and Puzzles

Of course, the easy passage of the quest will never happen. The fact of the matter is that the players have to thoroughly try and stretch their gyrus to solve the puzzles. Each quest room is different as the whole plot depends on the players’ actions.

The Story

Quest rooms often have an easy story or backstory that allows participants to join in and learn the role of the task set before them.

Playing in the Range of One or Two Rooms

The essence of the quest rooms that all events occur within one or more premises, often closed. Otherwise, it becomes an ordinary reality quest.

Time Limit

Most of the quests are set at one hour of play. Just 60 minutes to solve the clues of the room and escape.

Using Your Intelligence

The keys to escaping the rooms is intelligence and powers of observation – think through the clues and keep an eye open for new ones. All the puzzles are solved by ingenuity.

A Fun Game

But the most important thing in this quest room is to enjoy the passage. Remember, this is just a game, so do not get bogged down in the hope to break the record for speed. Have fun and be glad because it was created for this purpose.