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Match VR & The Arrival

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MATCH is a PvP Quake Arena shooter. 2-6 people fight each other or team vs. team (death-match, capture the flag and other options are available). You have 4 weapons: blade, pistol, automatic rifle, railgun. You can heal yourself with health packs and pick armor in the setting. After each round of 10-15 minutes players can check their statistics. The average gameplay is 15-30 minutes.

The Arrival is a combination of an escape game and an action game. Your group is a team of space astronauts that landed on an abandoned space station and you need to find a digital key. The key contains information about what happened at the space station a long time ago. Through the game you will have to train yourself how to move and act in virtual reality, solve several logistical problems and tasks that need cooperation from the whole team. You will fight together with enemy droids and finally find the key.

Key mechanics: teleportation, free falling in the abyss, firing guns, gravitational gun, and lifting.

The Arrival supports teams of 2-4 people. The gameplay lasts 35-40 minutes. + 10-15 minutes briefing by an operator.