The Haunting: Secret of the Mansion

Terrible things lurk just behind the walls.

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1 hour


2-8 participants

The Best of Orlando’s Haunted Escape Games

Some say, the spirits who reside within Worthington Manor will not rest until the residing dark secrets are brought to light… That’s where you come in.

There are those that say that Worthington Mansion is haunted, if not by spirits then by terrible secrets hidden somewhere in the home. Your job is to confirm or disprove that this site is haunted, and if it is haunted, find a way to cleanse the home of any entities that may linger there once and for all…

Other paranormal investigators have tried and failed. You must pick up where they left off and unravel the mysteries that they could not. The truth awaits in the shadows of Worthington Mansion, and only you can bring it to light. Do you have what it takes to solve this haunted mystery? Book our most popular Orlando escape room, The Haunting: Secret of the Mansion, to put your paranormal investigator skills to the test.