Franchise an Escape Games Location

Escape games are one the most popular attraction venues on the market and with one of the fastest growing customer bases. We, at MindQuest understand the full spectrum of your escape game franchising requirements from room creation to customer aquisition, retention and stimulating return business to your new attractions.

By franchising, all the guessing and ineffective time consuming work are avoided. As a new escape game business owner you can focus on opening the store sooner and start making money rather than trying to find exactly the right formula that works. Opening a franchise store takes about 2 – 3 months from signing to opening and we can help you make that as streamlined as possible.

We at MindQuest know what works and what doesn’t, so there’s no guessing game.

We have grown FAST!

Entrepreneurs and companies all over the US and Canada are joining our team. We are proud to consult, design, build and install great games for you. Our specially designed KIWI IPad Operational System is easy to use and easy to train on an will run your games easily with less labor. KIWI saves time and money and is included with your escape game purchase. It has helped our partners decide ultimately to choose MindQuest Escape Games over many offering alternate systems and games.

Our themes are fun, challenging and create an awesome customer experience. Please give us the opportunity speak with you about MindQuest Escape Games, a business that you will enjoy operating everyday. It’s affordable and we have many different ways to help you get started.

What you get

  • Consulting Start to Finish on your Escape Games
  • Provide/Install Quality Escape Games
  • Kiwi IPad Game Manager for monitoring your escape games
  • Marketplace Credibility & Ratings
  • Efficient Management of Business
  • Marketing & Sales Assistance
  • Corporate / Group Planning
  • No Royalty Fees
  • Fast Start-up  60-90 days
  • Lease Assistance
  • Additional Game Income
  • Affordable Packages to fit your budget

Call Today

Call today and we’ll discuss escape game franchising opportunities and we’ll find a unique solution that works for you and all of your business needs.

Note: This is not an offer for a franchise.