About Us

Being that Orlando is one of the largest cities for tourism in our country it’s no surprise that Orlando escape games are so prevalent and impressive, given their competitive and creative nature.

While Orlando’s escape game community is highly competitive, MindQuest has been around longer than almost every other local escape room company and that’s why we maintain the highest quality of games with the most loyal customer base!

Located just outside of International Drive, on Universal Blvd, we are highly accessible and without all the traffic. Our convenient and easy to get to location means you won’t be late and can start solving puzzles and riddles right away in our Orlando escape rooms!

Here are MindQuest, we also value competitive gameplay and we make our stats and leaderboards available for everyone to see. We are by far the most competitive escape game in Orlando in terms of player participation and dynamic competition. With every single game you play we rank you, your team, and send you notifications on how well you ranked vs. other players in our competitive community.

At MindQuest, you come first and as we’ve demonstrated since 2015, we are the reason why Orlando escape games are so popular.