MindQuest Escape Games

The Bomb

A situation to defuse.

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Diamond Heist

The Perfect Robbery.

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Mad Scientist

Just one drink.

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Cyber Crash

Hacking Crash Course.

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The Haunting

You can't escape until it does.

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Can You Escape?

The fate of the very world may be left in your hands and the clock is ticking! Do you have the intellect and presence of mind to find clues, draw conclusions and explore secret hideouts while solving clever puzzles? At Mindquest you can be that super sleuth and with the help of your friends you may even solve some of the most difficult and mind-bending escape games ever played!


Corporate Events

While some play with friends, you can play with coworkers. By booking a corporate event you can help your office with the most interesting and creative teambuilding solutions they have had to endure. Why not apply a little pressure with a looming evil threat in an escape game and watch your team come together and find efficient solutions to strengthen their relations and have a little fun.


Escape Games


Here at Mindquest you'll experience only the finest escape games! Our escape games range in difficulty and while you might have an interest in finding a stealing a diamond, you might also want to scare your friends by attempting to solve the mystery of our Haunted Mansion. Regardless of which escape game you adventure through, you'll find yourself solving puzzles, outwitting brainteasers and massaging your brain in ways you never thought imaginable. Mindquest Escape Games has some of the most creative puzzles and we invite you to explore them with us!


Escape Rooms


Our escape rooms fit themed brilliance with stylized immersion! We believe that when you enter an escape room, it needs to take you to another world, another place and perhaps another time! We've put a lot of time into ensuring that you feel you are in the middle of a rare adventure that really takes you one step further into the immersion and out of your world. Our escape rooms are highly ranked and we believe that when you experience our themed experiences, you won't want to stop.